Offering yet more flexibility and continuity, Poles Apart Consultancy has a number of associates that it uses to provide specialist input where the need is identified. This network is built up with associates that have also perfected their chosen art, in the food and produce and/or retail market and can, like Peter, offer an in depth of understanding of your business. Also striving for personal excellence and business success these supporting associates can work closely with both clients and Poles Apart Consultancy to provide a seamless service.

Safe Space Collaboration

In the spring of 2016, Safe Space was founded by three colleagues who had identified the necessity for a different approach to tackling issues of modern slavery in order to uncover hidden practises and overcome them in a controlled, engaged and sustainable manner. Safe Space work alongside their clients, enabling them to proactively manage relationships and issues more effectively and take their business to assured levels of performance in ethical trade and human rights due diligence, delivering sustained reputation all on a scale and speed they may not be able to achieve on their own. Bespoke awareness raising, training and mentoring programmes are available to develop enabled, effective ethical trade professionals within clients own businesses to ensure continuity, progress and sustainability. 

All Round Leadership

Elliot Weider of All Round Leadership is an internationally acknowledged management consultant, coach and mentor who has led and developed performance improvement programmes, focusing on attitudinal change, in a number of large organisations. He specialises in building skills for personal growth, and coaching and mentoring for personal achievement.

Fushion HR Solutions

Fushion HR Solutions is a London based, human resource and management consultancy, created to partner with International organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public and private organisations. We design and deliver high quality HR solutions, consultancy and advice. As a result of professional experience gained across key HR and management areas within many sectors, we are able to successfully provide an important bridge between international financial institutions (IFIs) and commercial markets...all because we are genuinely interested in the clients we work with and the difference they make. Fushion HR Solutions believe that an effective relationship is a partnership.

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