Poles Apart Consultancy was born from the need for consultancy services aimed specifically at the food and produce retail sector and the challenges with which they are faced. Peter Durose, Managing Partner, is a highly recognized and respected professional with an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise spanning three decades in this market. Having worked for a number of leading retailers and suppliers, Peter has had both the opportunity, and the experience of working in the UK, Europe and the Far East on both sides of the table. Combine this with years spent in the heart of one of Britain’s leading retailers and you will see why he is able to understand precisely the practicalities of implementing changes that have been imposed on this market, whilst striving for growth and new opportunities.


Peter is able to bring both real life and relevant scenarios to his clients, allowing him to quickly get into the detail required to maximise his inputHis personable, calm nature equips him well to navigate through, and around, the challenges that are faced, whilst creating positive outcomes and delivering results with an infectious enthusiasm.


Unrivalled level of knowledge spanning three decades in the food & produce retail market.

Poles Apart Consultancy work together with a number of associates to offer a seamless service. Bringing in specialists in HR, ethical strategy, personal growth and technical food science, enables clients to work with one team covering all areas, read more about the associates that Poles Apart Consultancy has chosen to align itself with.

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